John Theis has written a new book which will be of interest to anybody who wants to explore the insides of the father-son relationship. Based on clinical work and research and involving the telling of many stories about this relationship this work will assist in understanding both the blessing an the wound and how how these develop. Men who are fathers, or sons or both can use this book to celebrate what they have done, or to help them to reconstruct where the work has not gone well.
This new book is available for $12.95 from several distributors. These are:

 1) iUniverse
 3) Barnes and Noble

 4) Books-a-Million

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Some Thoughts About the Blessing Not Included in the Book

I expect that it is a common experience , after completing a written work, to recognize things  that
have been left out for one reason or the other. I was talking to a professional who had` read the book and he said, "So the deal is that if you've gotten your father's blessing
that you are guaranteed that you will do well in life because you have been appropriately launched? I don't think that I agree with that!"

     Well neither do I. The blessing is not a guarantee that life will go well. It provides a critical first step in the process of moving into the world in a productive way. The combination of being blessed by the father and doing hard developmental work in becoming a positive man is what the process is about. What happens to the blessed person is that he doesn't need to resort to non-productive
healing strategies.